Dear Dog Lovers,

My love for dogs has been evident since a very young age. I have had dogs my whole life growing up, and I now have two beautiful dogs, Luna and Pluto.

I have always been obsessed with my pets; they are family of the closest kind.

For as long as I can remember, dogs have always been fed a diet of kibble or tinned food. For some
reason, this is something I have never understood. Why are we feeding our dogs something so processed or something so nasty, smelly, and sloppy?

As I got older, I became aware of a natural diet, one that doesn’t contain tons of ‘jelly’ or hard biscuits. This piqued my attention!

It was around this point I realised all the benefits of a raw diet. It is natural, unprocessed, contains no harmful ingredients, and dogs literally thrived on it for thousands and thousands of years (without the need for vets) and they go absolutely wild for it! This is until we as humans decided to keep them as pets and domesticate them (I am very grateful humans decided to do this) but then sometime around 1950 humans decided they would rather feed a highly processed diet full of chemicals and preservatives rather than a natural diet as nature had intended. (I am not so grateful that humans decided to do this) The only logical reason one would do this is for the convenience for the owner, but what about the dog? Dogs should eat a species-appropriate diet, full of nutrients; they should have a variety of different meats and proteins every day. They should be able to eat what is natural to them, not what is easy for us.

I explored the raw diet and was absolutely fascinated; it seems rather complex but in essence, it is so simple – meat, bone, and offal. Your dog doesn’t need much; they certainly don’t want much either. A good walk, a belly scratch, and a healthy diet are all your average dog needs and wants to live a happy, healthy, and long life.

To keep a long story really short, I became obsessed with feeding dogs a natural diet and set about creating my own. What started in a small café feeding my beautiful Luna and Pluto has now grown and grown. Mersey Raw quickly caught fire and is now stocked all over the UK, from Cornwall and Dover to Edinburgh and Glasgow, we have you covered. I am extremely proud to say we are DEFRA approved, ensuring the safety and quality of the products we produce. We ship out hundreds of orders every day directly to your door.

What started as an obsession has quickly become a burning passion for myself and my team. We have worked tirelessly to produce what we believe is the best-in-class diet for an extremely reasonable price point. I understand we are not a budget brand, but this is not due to greed; this is due to my commitment to produce a dog food that is fit to fuel millions of strong healthy dogs every day of their lives. I don’t intend on being the cheapest; I intend on being the best.

I firmly believe that every dog deserves the benefits of a raw diet. That's why we've crafted starter
packs and offer a 25% discount on your first order (use code NEW25). Making the switch may seem daunting at first, but trust me – your dog's health and happiness will thank you.

So, to all the dog lovers out there, I urge you to join us on this journey. Give Mersey Raw a try and I promise, you'll never look back.

With love,


Founder & CEO,
Mersey Raw