Your dog is likely a valued member of the family, whether you keep a troublesome terrier or an energetic spaniel. For many dog owners, feeding a canine companion is simply a matter of grabbing wet or dry food from the local supermarket, and feeding them a portion twice or thrice daily, however, is this really the best idea with all factors considered? Different diets suit different breeds, and at Mersey Raw, we’re well aware that your pooch has specific food preferences, dietary requirements and potentially even allergies. 

Within this detailed article, join us as we take a look through some of the varied doggy diets you should consider, from home-made meals, to all-raw diets and organic delights. There’s something for canines of all shapes and sizes within this guide.

Reasons To Change A Diet

Looking to make some changes? The experts certainly agree that your canine should regularly have their diet altered, even if they do seemingly enjoy their current routine. It’s recommended by some canine dieticians that you should change your dog’s food every three months, not only to keep your dog interested, but also to avoid them developing any allergic reactions to ingredients. 

Nutritionists also recommended switching the protein source in their food, for example, substituting beef for chicken, or chicken for lamb. Though it was once disputed, we now know that our pet’s dietary needs change over time due to factors like their life stage, overall health and activity level. 

The Root Of The Issue

There are several more specific circumstances which can lead to a change in diet for your pooch too. If your dog is eating normally but you notice they’re itchy or have inflamed or flaky skin for example, this could be a sign that your dog is allergic to something either in their food. Likewise, if your dog has less energy than usual, it may be a sign that your dog’s food is not providing them with all the nutrients they need. 

Finally, and perhaps most obviously, you may need to change a diet due to your canine’s weight. Obesity is a growing issue with dogs, due to being fed the wrong foods, poor portion control or lack of physical activity.

Sticking To Organic 

For ethical reasons, many owners may opt for 100% vegetarian and vegan dog food, though a fully organic diet is unlikely to offer your pet all the nutrition they require. Organic foods are certainly a fantastic source of several key nutrients, and can form part of a complete doggy diet however. People often seek out natural or organic diets for their pets, though just like the human alternatives, these foods typically come at a high cost.

When selecting the dog food itself in a supermarket or online, you’ll probably need to do a bit of research on your chosen brand. In terms of nutrition, organic or natural ingredients aren’t necessarily any better for your pet, and the same is true for foods without artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Remember that what you feed your dog is really important to their health and happiness, so opt for a food type that benefits them directly.

Going Grain Free

If you’re considering a raw diet, you may think it’s better for your pet than commercially-produced pet food - but keep in mind that a balanced diet is the key to pet welfare more often than not. Ultimately, a correctly balanced raw food diet should provide protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, critical carbs, and fibre that your pet needs to be healthy and happy, whether including pork rib dog treats or chicken bits. 

Remain aware that (if not sourced correctly) raw meat can carry parasites and bacteria, including Salmonella and Listeria, that can infect pets as well as people, however at Mersey Raw, we source only the very best meat, which is treated and carefully checked before packaging.

Fans of raw food diets claim multiple benefits for their pets and the planet, with come owners reporting higher pet energy levels, less body odour, cleaner teeth, fresher breath, and improved body, skin, and coat conditions. Other indirect perks include a lower carbon footprint and savings on otherwise expensive branded pet food costs. Despite this array of advantages, the best way to help your pet to eat correctly is by getting a veterinary nutritionist’s advice on any raw grain-free diet plan.

Opting For Homemade Food

Opting for a fully homemade pet food plan takes plenty of advance preparation and forward thinking, though many simply enjoy preparing a home-cooked meal for their pet. There are specific circumstances when a home-prepared meal is definitely an advantage, though you should be just as wary of the potential disadvantages too. 

Preparing meals for your dog at home means you always know what your pet is eating, allowing you to make specific decisions about natural, organic, vegetarian and vegan ingredients as you go. Despite this,homemade diets are not necessarily healthier or cheaper than commercial products as you would initially be made to believe.

Each doggy diet requires the help of a qualified vet or canine nutritionist to ensure the proper balance of nutrients and more, and this can be near-impossible to track if you’re making and preparing every single meal. If your dog has a food intolerance, sensitivity, or chronic illness, you may have concerns about cross-contamination with allergens in branded food, while a home-cooked meal plan ensures you have control over what goes in their food bowl.

Also worth understanding is that some illnesses including chronic pancreatitis or chronic kidney disease simply can’t be accommodated with a commercial product.

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