Taking good care of your four-legged best friend is always at the forefront of a dog owner’s mind. Plenty of water and exercise are on top of everybody’s lists of doing this, as well as ensuring they have enough food. And while this is a big thing on everyone’s mind, some don’t actually think that closely about diet.

Many pet owners will stick to the same diet for their dogs throughout their lives, only changing it up on the advice of vets who might suggest something a bit different. Here at Mersey Raw, we champion something a bit different, a healthy raw food diet.

Read on to find out more about what exactly a raw food diet entails and the benefits for your furry friend.

What Is Raw Natural Dog Food?

A raw dog food diet uses natural and raw meat products to feed your dog. This can include organs, muscles, bones and other food items such as eggs, dog-safe fruits/vegetables and even dairy products such as yoghurt. It can consist of any number of animal products including chicken, venison, beef, pork, lamb, duck, tripe, goose and even goat!

A lot of care must be taken if using a raw diet, as at the end of the day you are probably going to be using a lot of raw meat, which can make a person ill if not handled, prepared and sanitised properly. It is therefore recommended that raw diets are not used in households where an immune-compromised person is present.

The Benefits

The benefits of a raw food diet are said to be healthier skin, increased energy, better dental health and shinier coats. It can also boost immune systems, lead to strong bones/joints, reduce itchy skin and result in small, firm stools that will be much easier to clean up!

Some people talk about using supplements to boost vitamins and minerals for your dog, but your dog is likely to get all the nutrients you need from a varied raw food diet from Mersey Raw. If you’re looking to boost your dog's health even more, we recommend the selection of treats and snacks that we can provide you, perfect for mealtimes and any time you fancy rewarding your dog.

How To Transition

Switching to a raw dog food diet should not be done overnight, but introduced carefully over time with proper planning and a lot of patience. Keep an eye on their well-being and stool consistency during the period, ensuring they remain healthy while you are weaning them.

We recommend introducing one protein into your dog’s diet for a few days, then gradually adding different minces each week until they are on a raw food diet. We always recommend a variety of meat and minces to ensure that nutritional values are met, but they should be introduced one at a time so it is not too overwhelming for your pet. We also have puppy minces available, which are finer minces for smaller dogs, which can be helpful when weaning them off other diets.

Overall the process of transitioning should take around five weeks and at this time you should continue to mix all different minces for a varied diet of multiple proteins. For a further guide on how to transition your dog to a raw food diet, check out the information provided on our website here.

Mersey Raw Product Highlights

Complete & Boneless Minces

We offer plenty of minces for your pet, including both complete and boneless selections. Our complete selections include bone and offal, ensuring a well-balanced combination of food perfect to get the right amount of nutrients for our furry pal.

Our boneless selection removes the bone from the dish but keeps the offal. We stock a vast array of different proteins for you to choose from including chicken, venison, goat, beef, duck, lamb, tripe, goose, pork and even festive meats like pheasant and reindeer. Some of the minces even combine two meats together for the best of both worlds. We recommend a mix of meat types for a healthy raw dog food diet.

We sell our minces in various sizes, including 500g and 1kg raw minces for dogs, as well as offering bulk orders and subscriptions to save you money. Not sure where to start, we also have on sale raw dog food starter trial boxes, offering a great selection of our best minces as well as a free gift!

Healthy Raw Treats For Dogs

As well as offering a great selection of minces as the primary diet for your pet, we also offer a selection of healthy raw treats for dogs. You can get your hands on frozen sprats, which are a great accompaniment to a raw food diet that will provide essential omega-3 fatty acids as well as an array of vitamins and minerals. If you’re running low on freezer space we also stock dried sprats for your convenience.

In terms of other dried treats, we have a great selection to fit any preferences your dogs have. Dried treats are ideal for your pet as they taste delicious, are high in protein/minerals and can also improve dental health by helping to reduce plaque and tartar buildup. With everything from pig’s ears to chicken necks, you can find the perfect product for your four-legged friend.

Raw treats make the perfect addition to meal times, working to accompany the minces we stock as a lovely extra treat. Pets love having a nice mix of textures, so having chicken livers or a beef trachea served alongside their mince will make them jump with joy!

Alexander’s Natural Range

We also have a selection of 100% natural treats from our friends at Alexander’s Natural. This includes delicious bone broths made from various animal types such as beef, chicken, benison, lamb, duck and goat. Bone broths are great as they arch in essential amino acids, improve joint health, aid in digestion and reduce inflammation. Also from Alexander’s Natural is their Pawz range, delicious paw-shaped snacks for your dog. We stock more classic meaty flavours, as well as natural blueberry kefir and strawberry kefir options.

This is not an exhaustive list, so check out the treat section on our site to explore more products!

Raw Natural Dog Food Calculator

Here at Mersey Raw, we understand that your dog will have different requirements based on their size, breed and age, so check out our raw dog food calculator to find out a suggested amount to feed them. Be wary that this is just guidance, and you should monitor your dog’s weight regularly to see if they are eating a healthy amount.

The calculator takes into account your dog’s needs based on their weight and age to give you the recommended daily feeding recommendations for your pet

Raw Natural Dog Food From Mersey Raw

Now that you’ve found out all you need to know about healthy raw dog food, it’s time to get shopping! Here at Mersey Raw, we have a great selection of products on offer, so you can find the perfect option to suit your furry friend’s personal preferences and dietary requirements.

Mersey Raw was founded by our CEO Ben Mcintyre, who has a passion for dogs and animal health. We believe that a raw diet can bring life-changing benefits to a dog and is much better than a conventional kibble-based diet. All of our DEFRA-approved products are crafted using only the finest meat from Red Tractor-approved farms, with no filler or additives put in them.

The best thing is, you don’t even have to wait for long to get your hands on our goods. We offer next-day delivery for orders placed before 1 pm, with no extra charge for weekend delivery and free shipping on orders over £65. If you’re unsure about delivery, we are also proudly stocked in a number of stores around the country. Check out our store locator to find a place to get your hands on Mersey Raw products.

If you’re unsure about what is the best amount for your dog, check out our helpful raw feeding calculator, and if you have any questions about any of our products, feel free to get in touch today.