Feeding your dog the right kind of food is essential for keeping them happy and healthy. Your dog’s diet can impact their immune system, coat, energy and much more! With so many options out there, it can be tricky to find the right food for your furry friend. Luckily, our blog dives into a complete guide on raw-fed diets and kibble diets for your dog. To find out more, keep on reading! 

Raw Feeding VS Kibble: A Full Comparison

There are a range of food options out there when it comes to our pets, and finding the right one is of the utmost importance, so that we can keep our furry friends happy and healthy. When it comes to raw feeding and giving your dog kibble, there are some key things to know! 

Raw Feeding Vs. Kibble

First and foremost, let’s get our heads around the difference between these two types of dog food! Raw feeding your dog is exactly as it sounds, meaning they are fed an all natural diet, typically consisting of raw meats, eggs, and even fish. Many dog owners decide to raw feed their canines and for good reason! Raw feeding has a ton of benefits which we will dive into later in our blog. 

Kibble is another common type of dog food that you have probably come across before. Kibble is a type of processed dog food, and usually looks like small pellets. They have a much longer shelf-life than any raw dog foods, however they can sometimes lack the same nutrition as raw food diets. 

How Is Raw Food Different From Kibble? 

Raw food and kibble are different in a wide range of ways, read below to learn more about how these dog foods differ. 


Raw dog foods are full of nutrients that are easily digestible, whereas kibble has a lot of nutrients destroyed in the process of making it. It’s important that your dog gets healthy nutrients so that they can stay healthy and active. 

When it comes to nutrition, raw foods retain all their natural vitamins, amino acids and important proteins. These nutrients are vital for looking after your canine’s immune system and keeping them healthy. 

Because kibble is manufactured at such a high temperature, it often loses these vital nutrients, and the only way to get them back into your dog’s diet is to add them back in synthetically. However, some nutrients can’t be replaced, such as natural proteins and the enzymes that help with digestion. 


Kibble can sometimes include low-quality ingredients, or be lacking in vital nutrients that your dog needs to stay healthy. Additives and synthetic nutrients that are added to kibble often have chemicals and starch, which can be harmful to your canine. 

In comparison, raw food only contains healthy, natural ingredients that are beneficial for your furry friend! People who choose to feed their dogs a raw diet also have more peace of mind, knowing exactly what their pet is eating and knowing that they are only eating natural and healthy ingredients. 


As we start investing more and more into our own health, many of us are doing the same for our pet, no matter the cost! It’s no secret that raw food diets are generally more expensive than kibble. This is because of the natural and higher quality ingredients that are used, whereas kibble can be easily manufactured in large quantities, making it cheaper to buy. 

Although a raw fed diet is more expensive than giving your dog kibble, it could help you out in the long run. You may find that a raw diet keeps your dog much healthier, reducing the number of health concerns and vet visits you are making. 

What Are The Benefits Of Raw Natural Dog Food? 

If you’re swaying towards putting your dog onto an all natural, raw fed diet, there are plenty of other benefits to know about! We’ve listed just a few, so you can learn more about the effects of raw food on your furry companion. 

Coat Condition 

Your dog’s gut health can be directly related to their skin and the condition of their coat. Ensuring they have the right nutrients and vitamins is vital. Skin irritation can be quite common in dogs who have a low-quality diet, which is why many owners decide to switch to a raw-fed diet. 

Without a balance in gut health, dogs may be more prone to itching, hot spots, poor coat condition and other symptoms. Encouraging a raw fed diet will ensure that they get the correct nutrients and vitamins to avoid this kind of discomfort. 

Gut Health 

We’ve already touched on raw diets being more easily digestible for your dog, and this can seriously help their gut health. Giving your dog a raw fed diet will help to keep healthy gut bacteria, and all natural foods are much easier to digest, putting less strain on your dogs tummy! 

The lack of nutrients in kibble, and the processed nature of this dog food can create a bad environment in your dog’s stomach. This can make digestion difficult as well as dyeing your pet the vitamins and nutrients they need! An imbalanced gut can be distressing for your pooch, possibly even resulting in auto-immune conditions and more frequent trips to the vet. 


Obesity and weight management is a serious problem in the canine world. Over eating and feeding your dog the wrong kinds of food can result in weight issues and even diabetes. 

The carbohydrate and sugar content found in kibble can be detrimental to your dog’s weight and overall health. It can lead to serious health conditions like diabetes, and give your pet serious joint problems, which can be extremely painful. 

When it comes to all natural diets, raw meats are rich in protein and contain healthy fats, which are good for your dog. Avoiding dog foods with high carbohydrates and sugar will also give your dog more energy and stamina, as they are not having weight problems. 


Joint health is crucial in our pets, as it allows them to move around freely and happily. Kibble’s high carbohydrate and sugar content can often result in joint problems, as it can cause inflammation alongside the degeneration of your pet’s joints. Pets that have weight problems caused by their food will also have a harder time supporting themselves, also contributing to damaged joints. 

Encouraging a raw diet for your dog can help avoid joint problems, even giving your dog more energy and stamina. The nutrients and vitamins found in raw meats will help your dog to stay healthy, and boost their immune system. 

Increased Energy 

High quality ingredients can leave your dog feeling the way they should. Well fed, hydrated and energetic! Non-processed foods are great for getting nutrients and hydration into your pet, keeping them healthy and supporting their immune system. 

If you switch to a raw diet for your pet, don’t be surprised if you notice an increase in their energy. Dogs on a high-quality diet will have more energy and stamina, meaning they can keep up on long walks, want to play more and have more energy for zoomies! 

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